padlock Your ebooks, I mean.

And by DRM, I mean digital rights management, a way of controlling access to electronic files. That access could mean you can only read an ebook on a particular device, or it could prevent people from copying or printing the content of the book.

I’m not the biggest fan of DRM. To say the least. While I understand why publishers apply DRM to ebooks, what I don’t like is the implication that even though I’m buying a book I’m a thief. Or, at least, have the potential to be one.

I look at it this way: if, for whatever reason, someone wants to steal a book I wrote then they’ll find a way to do it. DRM has been bypassed in the past, and there’s no reason to believe that trend will change.

Maybe I’m a trusting soul. Maybe it’s my experience in the free software/Open Source community but I don’t believe in copy protecting my books. I trust readers not to share my books. If they do, then maybe reading that book that will inspire the people with whom it was shared to buy my other books.

If that happens, great. If not … well, I somehow doubt that not being paid for a book or three will put me out on the street.

Photo credit: Capgros