I publish the occasional ebook, which you can buy and download as both PDF files and EPUB files.

Learning Markdown

Learning Markdown teaches you how to quickly format content for the web using a lightweight markup language. You’ll learn what I believe is the most efficient way to use Markdown. And unlike the various cheatsheets available online, this book explains the how and the why of using Markdown.

You can buy the book at Gumroad or Kobo.

Learning HTML

Learning HTML shows you how to build an HTML document from top to bottom. When you've worked your way through the book, you'll be able to not only create an HTML document from scratch, but you'll also be able to fix problems with documents and even add formatting that your blog editor or content management system doesn't support. You won't be a web designer or developer after reading this book, but you'll have a solid foundation with HTML on which you can build your knowledge.

You can buy the book at Gumroad or Kobo.

Weekly Musings: The First 52

This volume brings together the first year of my weekly email letter Weekly Musings. Each of the 52 musings in this book are me thinking aloud, presenting ideas (some of them half-formed) to a wider audience.

You can download this book for free at Gumroad. If you're interested in supporting Weekly Musings, you can also pay what you want for this book.