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A new home

This blog has changed form and has found a new home. Please update your bookmarks to scottnesbitt.io and point your RSS reader to http://scottnesbitt.io/atom.xml.

Changing faces, changing places

A few years ago, I announced my intention of letting this blog go fallow. Obviously, things didn't turn out that way.

And while I haven't been posting here as regularly as I've wanted to, I still have a lot to say on the subject of Linux and free and open source software. However, not in this space anymore.

I'm going to be starting this blog fresh elsewhere, under a new name and a new domain. But don't worry about the posts that are here. They aren't going anywhere. I'll be converting this blog to a static site using Jekyll, but won't be posting here any longer.

Keep your eye out for an announcement here, on Twitter, and on Google+.

A non-techie's perspective on blogging with Jekyll

Logo of the Jekyll blog software As you probably know, I blog quite a bit. Not as much as I should in this space (sorry!), but quite a bit nonetheless.

WordPress is my blogging platform of choice. Mainly because it's powerful and flexible, as well as being easy to use. Due, in large part, to my work as a technology coach, I find myself investigating other blogging platforms. Sometimes, the proofs of concept that I create for my clients wind up being going concerns.

That happened with two such blogs, as well as my coaching site. They were spread across a pair of services that designed for static blogging. There was nothing really wrong with those services, aside from a few limitations that I ran up against. But I wanted to embrace my inner control freak a little more.

I didn't, however, want to create a PHP-based website or use a bulky content management system for the blogs. Instead, I kept things static. After looking at a few static website generators, I went with Jekyll (for a variety of reasons).

I won't say the transition was completely painless, but it wasn't too bad. Making that move let me embrace my inner geek a bit, too.

(Note: This post isn't a comprehensive guide to building a blog or website using Jekyll.)

A few links of interest

Switching to elementary OS

elementary OS

2015 is year of changes for me. The biggest change is my aim to streamline my processes, my systems, and my tools.

I want to go back to basics with everything I do. That includes the Linux distro I use.

While I like Lubuntu (and still recommend it), I've been feeling the need to go lighter. You might recall that a year or so ago, I took elementary OS for a two-week test drive. My experience was more than favourable, but as I wrote at the time:

While I really like elementary OS, I see no compelling reason to switch over from Lubuntu. At least, for the moment.

The moment came the weekend of January 17, 2015.