What I can do for you

Here are the services I currently offer. Feel free to contact me for more information.


I do three types of editing:

  • Proofreading: I check your spelling and grammar, and root out typos. This is the fastest, cheapest edit but it can improve your work tremendously.
  • Copyediting: This is a more in-depth edit, which covers the same ground as a proofread. I also work at tightening your writing and making sure what you've written flows in the way it should.
  • Substantive editing: This type of edit goes deeper than proofread or copyediting. I look closely at the structure of what you've written. I ask questions like Does it hold together?, Is there any information or detail missing?, Does the structure work?, and more. This is the most expensive editing service that I offer, and is best suited to longer-form writing and books.


Have prose that doesn't soar? Doesn't sing? Doesn't pack the punch it should? I can help you change that. I look at your work with the eye of both an editor and a writer, and help you shape and tell your story in the most interesting, yet concise, way. I get my hands dirty chopping and changing your prose to make it the best that it can be.

I don't try to impose my style upon you. I try to keep your tone and flow, but will suggest changes if I think they're necessary.

Recent Projects

Here are some of the editing and rewriting projects I've recently worked on:

The Open Schoolhouse by Charlie Reisinger — Charlie asked me to do a substantive edit on his manuscript. I helped Charlie tighten his prose, and made suggestions about the structure of each chapter and the book as a whole.

The Cabbage Tree Method by Adam Hyde — This book started life as a series of blog posts and notes that Adam had written over the period of a year or two. Working with Adam, I rewrote each chapter and suggested where he need to add more information to bolster the narrative and his core argument.

Pricing and Fees

I charge either by the word or by the hour, depending on the service you choose. My fees are:

  • $20 per hour for proofreading
  • 6 cents to 10 cents per word for copy editing and substantive editing
  • $35 an hour for rewriting

I'm also willing to negotiate a flat fee for larger projects.

I charge more than many of the folks you find on those hire a freelance writer job sites. What you get in return is quality, professional work.

Want to learn more, or book my services? You can contact me to do both.