What I can do for you

I offer a number of services, including:

  • Writing articles for magazines, newspapers, websites, and newsletters. I can make seemingly boring topics and ideas interesting, and can quickly complete assignments no matter how complex.
  • Corporate blogging. I was named one of the 25 most influential technical communciation bloggers and have written almost 2,000 blog posts. I can help you plan, start, and maintain your blog.
  • UX writing. User assistance goes beyond online help and manuals. It's an essential part of the user experience (UX) and should be embedded into your software's user interface. Drawing on 20+ years of experince as a technical communicator, I can help you develop clear and concise error messages, embedded help, and tool tips for desktop and web applications.
  • Technology coaching and consulting. I'm well versed in mobile and web technologies, and can help you not only make the best choices for your needs but also help you get the most out of the technologies and tools that you choose. More about that here.
  • Researching and writing technical reports and data sheets. My extensive experience as a technical communicator combined with my background in journalism help me write accurate and easy-to-read documents.
  • Writing case studies that tell the story of how your customers and clients use your products to increase their efficiency, streamline their workflows, become more produtive, and more.
  • Copy editing and proofreading. I can help you tighten your writing, catch little (or larger) errors, and improve the flow of your written work.

Regardless of which of my services you choose, you'll get clean and easy-to-read writing that informs and engages.

Pricing and Fees

I charge more than many of the folks you find on those hire a freelance writer job sites. What you get in return is quality, professional writing.

I evaluate projects individually, and wherever possible deliver a fixed fee that's tailored to your project.

Why a fixed fee?

  • It enables you to plan ahead and budget accordingly.
  • I focus on making your copy the best it can be and not on the number of hours that I bill.
  • The fee includes two revisions.

I can also offer you hourly rates. Contact me for more information.