It's never stops being busy around here — there's always a lot to do and always something to learn. Here's what's holding my interest right now:


  • Planning and writing a number of articles for Opensource.com
  • Collecting information and writing articles for The Plain Text Project
  • Curating interesting, insightful, and sometimes infuriating reads at The Monday Kickoff
  • Working on Talking Tech, a collection of contrarian essays about technology that I plan to sell in January, 2018


  • Working through my slowly-shrinking pile of unread books (currently reading Code + Clay ... Data + Dirt by Shannon Mattern)
  • Being challenged and informed by a number of longer-form articles from around the world

Other Projects

  • Preparing for the January, 2019 launch of a weekly newsletter called Weekly Musings, which you can subscribe to here

This page inspired by Derek Sivers.